Book Series: Sons of Broad Novella

Shattered Fear


Forbidden love never felt so good...

She’s got a killer to catch.
He just might be it.  
Undercover detective Janie Roberts needs to find out for sure if Brent Taylor is a murderer.
Handsome, wealthy, and sexy-as-sin Brent Taylor.  
She’s got to get close enough to learn his secrets. 

But getting this close is dangerous in more ways than one…

Hidden Fate

He’ll stop at nothing to keep her safe…

Someone wants Janie dead.
Brent will do anything to protect her from a ruthless killer’s hunt.  
But an enemy this powerful won’t give up easily….

And danger and passion will explode as they fight for each other.

Twisted End

First comes desire.
Then comes love.
But Janie and Brent need to stop the man out to ruin them,

Before they can live happily ever after…